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5 DIYs Farmhouse Boho Room Decor - DIY Dollar Tree & Walmart

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5 DIYs Farmhouse Boho Room Decor - DIY Dollar Tree & Walmart - Glue Guns & Roses

Dollar Tree DIY decor & Walmart DIY farmhouse boho decor. DIY room decor on a budget made with Dollar Tree and Walmart supplies. These dollar store DIYs look expensive, but are cheap and easy to DIY. Year round home decor that gives your room a high end look on a budget. This video shows how to DIY neutral decor that fits most home decor styles including farmhouse, boho, mid century modern, rustic, minimalist and traditional. Dollar Tree DIYs inspired by places like Pottery Barn and Hobby Lobby for any room, any style and any budget. I hope you enjoy these affordable room decor DIYs & much love to you all!



Kristin O'Neal Kristin O'Neal 2 weeks ago SO close. It goes "A penny saved is a penny earned." BUT, it's a super old saying, so, keeping up with currency rates, your saying would be more accurate. 🤣
Rebecca Dietrich Rebecca Dietrich 8 hours ago The puzzles I found at my DT don't have thick pieces like you show. They are super thin and I won't be able to screw anything into them. Any suggestions?
Kari Willis Kari Willis 13 hours ago Cute... I love that washii tape, too. Great deal on those wood beads. Thank you for another great vid! :)
Sheri Lilly Sheri Lilly Yesterday I just LOVE all your ideas! I was thinking for the 'Hello Spring/Summer' garland, you could use the wood stems circles instead of the kid puzzle pieces. It would be cheaper, you wouldn't have to paint the edges and the eye screw shouldn't split the wood. It would be rustic/farmhouse looking also. Just an idea. 😆
Christen Zook Christen Zook 2 days ago Loved these projects. I have design style issues too! One question: my DT is out of the rope you use in many projects. Do you recommend another brand? Thanks!!
Mary Mary 2 days ago Great DIY'S! Also, you are such fun to listen to. Thanks.
mylinda hicks mylinda hicks 3 days ago You are by far the most creative diyer i love watching you i steal alot of your ideas keep on diying
Lori E Lori E 4 days ago Geez I've missed your videos... Been off YT a while but when I'm back and I come across your videos I get so excited to craft. You seriously have THE BEST... Most gorgeous crafts on YouTube.
Crystal Brittain Crystal Brittain 4 days ago In love with the mirrors, wreath, and the cross!
Sandra Jackson Sandra Jackson 4 days ago Great DIY'S & kewl ideas 🦋 the last 1 was genius! lol the flowered wreath my fav, thanks!. Toodles!. 💓🦋🌻🌼
marie chianca marie chianca 4 days ago Everything that you made is beautiful. Thank you.
Karen Burkhaulter Karen Burkhaulter 4 days ago How big was the cross
Emily M. Emily M. 4 days ago Question... what size framed mirror did you get? Either the tumbling blocks grew since they changed the packaging from what you have or the mirror was a different size. Need to sleep on it. Determined to dupe your awesome mirrors. Currently have a half inch shortage on all sides of the mirror. Hmmm. Thrifting tomorrow so will look for better mirrors. You are my favorite diy youtuber. Thanks!!
Kristin Moy Kristin Moy 4 days ago You are WILD with the washi tape. Extra points for you!!! :P~
Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Smith 5 days ago “I never have tea on hand.” Yes! Coffee, ride or die! ☕️🖤
Patricia Oldfather Patricia Oldfather 5 days ago New to your channel! I absolutely love your projects! I love how you are able to take something simple and turn it into something so beautiful!
Meredith Barefoot Meredith Barefoot 5 days ago Do you have an Instagram where you post the DIYs you make?
Jane Olsen Jane Olsen 5 days ago You are a breath of fresh air. I love your ideas, you don't prattle on just straight to the point. Wish we had dollar tree and Wal-Mart in Australia. Thanks Meghan x
Rny Donna_ Rny Donna_ 5 days ago Great tips and totally cute crafts. You did an amazing job. Tfs.
Tammy Carlson Tammy Carlson 5 days ago Love ❤️ all the these..!! That wreath is my favorite.
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