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Hotel U.S.A.: Refugees Spend Their First Night in America | Op-Docs
03 Dec 2018 87.344 views 1.776 likes
Author: The New York Times

What’s it like to encounter your new country for the first time? For some refugees to the United States, it means a night in the strange nowhere land of an airport hotel, as shown in “Hotel U.S.A.,” this week’s new Op-Doc. Directed by Andrea Meller and Marisa Pearl, the film is a fascinating group portrait of families pausing to catch their breath on their way to new homes across the country.

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Etienne Adams Etienne Adams 3 weeks ago This was beautiful, documenting the beginning of a long journey for these people. Let alone the journey, traveling itself can be hard when you've got the whole family and kids along with you. One thing you can tell by this video is that these people are not spoiled. They take what life brings to them with gratitude—how could anyone blame them for anything? If anything we have much to learn from these brave people. I know this is from a year ago, but still prevalent in the discussion of immigration today.
Petey B Petey B 3 weeks ago 3.52 The kids smiles & laughter are Contagious.
oxy show oxy show A month ago to be honest it's fuckedup to be a refugee in a country that you can't even speaks their language, it's gonna be challenge for these famillies to adapt.
Brittany Bonnie Brittany Bonnie 3 months ago it would be smart to make them citizens get them jobs so they can contribute ..this hotel is a good idea.. why didnt they play cartoons for the kids...some organizations should work withthe hotel hhelp them find jobs and food and stuff for the kids to do
Alexey Winner Alexey Winner 4 months ago one question...what are they going to do further? they don't know any word in English...even "chicken"
John Harris John Harris 4 months ago Fix the morale belief systems in your country so you do come here and tell us what a beautiful people you escaped from ! Real talk !
Shannon F Shannon F 5 months ago My child’s best friends parents are illegal! She was born here. I will do whatever it takes to keep them sAfe! Until you love someone from another country seeking asylum, you will never understand what they have to go through! They work harder than most people I know I grew up with. They deserve to be here❤️
jeniffer rodriguez jeniffer rodriguez 6 months ago That little boy said make it fast smh.
opinionsux420 noonecares opinionsux420 noonecares 7 months ago Send them back to their shithole countries. These invaders are ruining America
LilFlame LilFlame 7 months ago It's so good to see a smile on their faces , you know that it ain't fake 💔
Priscila Cruz Priscila Cruz 7 months ago That guy has some nice dance moves at the end of the video
Jennifer Adams Jennifer Adams 8 months ago I think that's funny how they wanted to move to Canada lol
Nikki Cedrone Nikki Cedrone 8 months ago 3:26 TV says "If you see something, say something" letting them know immediately about the suspicious police state we live in and they are now on that list of suspicious people simply because they don't speak english. smh
Ifucked yourdad Ifucked yourdad 10 months ago sad that some of them dont even know how to usa a faucet.
Quirky Quips Quirky Quips 10 months ago They are having happy daze. Those looks on their faces, dazed they are in America. Yep. Happy days in these moments.
oprah binfrey oprah binfrey 10 months ago Why do they have pots in the bags. Omg! Lmaoooo
Glockspecific Glockspecific 10 months ago I think more importantly you need someone or multiple translators that way we don't have a big disconnect and people looking confused.
Oofhead Ass Oofhead Ass 10 months ago Happy for them
ReineDeLaSeine14 ReineDeLaSeine14 11 months ago Welcome to America...I wish you every happiness and success in life 💜
LB CA LB CA 11 months ago We need to build a wall in the sky too, and gods gonna pay for it.