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Troll Face Quest USA Adventure Funny Clips - Win and Fail All Levels
19 Dec 2018 66.122 views 605 likes
Author: Play More TV

Troll Face Quest USA Adventure Gameplay walkthrough - Win and Fails All Levels.

This American-themed version of Troll Face Quest by Spil Games, the acclaimed point and click adventure series, is here to make you LOL and test the very limits of your brain. It’s as tough as any quiz game, but much more funny!

Fab Features:

- Experience totally crazy and funny puzzles that will make you LOL!

- Solve hilariously illogical puzzles and go on crazy quests! It’s adventure time!

- Meet delirious, legendary, and wacky characters who are all a bit edgy and really cool!

- Dive into unexpectedly hilarious situations!

- Discover truly one-of-a-kind graphics.

- Play anytime and anywhere. No Wi-Fi needed!

- Fully-enabled leaderboards and achievements. Show off your skills!


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