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Customizing Nike AIR Forces with Hydro Dipping! w/ Brent Rivera (DIY)

✧ 10 Feb 2020 ✧ 794.918 views ✧ 29.340 likes

✤ Source: Stokes Twins

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Customizing Nike AIR Forces with Hydro Dipping! w/ Brent Rivera (DIY) - Stokes Twins

We Hydro dipped our nike air forces this week with Brent! Comment down below whose shoes came out the best!

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Alan's Instagram: https://instagram.com/imalanstokes/

Alex's Instagram: https://instagram.com/imalexstokes/

Brent Rivera's Instagram: https://instagram.com/brentrivera

Subscribe to Brent Rivera! https://www.youtube.com/user/MrBrent98

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Explore - Ikson: https://soundcloud.com/ikson

Stokes Twins Stokes Twins 2 weeks ago Be sure to like and subscribe if you found this video helpful! 😊❤️
Emma Martin Emma Martin 22 minutes ago I think Alex won
Creator Hims Creator Hims 2 hours ago Alan'a
Mona Lisa Mona Lisa 2 hours ago I love the 🍀 & 🦋 one they cute 🍀🦋 I wish u could send it to me
Rocio Acevedo Rocio Acevedo 5 hours ago I like Allen’s the best
aiden tube raw aiden tube raw 8 hours ago The green and blue shoe was the best
DJN7 DJN7 12 hours ago Alan
Emine Sultan Emine Sultan 12 hours ago I like Alex’s shoes 👟
Chloe Peters Chloe Peters 14 hours ago I love your videos and I love you to
John Browne John Browne 15 hours ago I feel like brent wasn't looking like himself🤔I don't really know he was just so quiet🙂 I am also so happy the twins and Brent are back again💜
Skje Wjhw Skje Wjhw 17 hours ago l wish Whoever read this becomes a millionaire
Dbz Dbz Dbz Dbz 17 hours ago Alan won
Naomi Byford Naomi Byford 17 hours ago Sorry Alex but Alan then Brent then Alex
TropicGirl TropicGirl 18 hours ago Why was Brent so quiet 🤫 and not being himself please comment if you know..
Gamer Is Me Gamer Is Me 18 hours ago Alan's was the best
Rana Adil Rana Adil 18 hours ago brent win i think
purva G purva G 20 hours ago Gucci obvi gucci
Paige Retherford Paige Retherford 20 hours ago Brent
Wren Collins Wren Collins 21 hours ago Alan's won by a long shot
Tala Aboutaha Tala Aboutaha 22 hours ago Green one absolutely
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