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American Sophomore (American Comedy Highschool Movie in Full Length, HD, English) full movies free
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American Sophomore (2013): Free American Comedy Highschool Movie Online, Entire Flick, Comedy Feature Film, English, HD, Full Length, buong pelikula.

The great Miss Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” A sophomore lives by these words. It’s time to make the most of life. It’s time to change the rules. It’s time to make a little history of your own. You’re not a freshman anymore. Sophomore year is here.

We join the sophomores of Helen Keller High School as they take us on all their adventures throughout tenth grade. This is their formative year, and they’re taking everyone along for the ride.

Their teachers, parents, little brothers, and older sisters all get swept away in the whirlwind. Whether they’re caught with their pants down, or shirt off, being dragged across an intersection, or leaping out of a window, they know they’ve been infected by the contagious spirit of youth. It’s time to make up your own rules. It’s time to be inspired. It’s time for everyone, young and old, to live the life of a sophomore.

Director: T. Lee Beideck

Writer: T. Lee Beideck

Stars: Patrick Warburton, Amanda Plummer, Tommy Bechtold and more

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 13 January 2012

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Suraj Koley Suraj Koley 14 hours ago It’s crazy but don’t know why I still kind of like it pretty much
Senorito De ututino Senorito De ututino A week ago cool movie
Christina Laws Christina Laws 2 weeks ago They should've made this a series
Cindy jay Cindy jay 3 weeks ago Lol
Chanuka Maduranga Chanuka Maduranga 3 weeks ago Funnier than I thought👌
YangGang 2020 YangGang 2020 A month ago Young and wasted.
Trendy Man Trendy Man A month ago It is a Crazy movie ..
Anthony Santiago Anthony Santiago A month ago Good movie.. brings back some good memories.
BackSeatDriver BackSeatDriver A month ago there is no point to this movie but i love it lol
Robert Perez Robert Perez A month ago Is there another one after this movie no american jr
User 3-12 User 3-12 A month ago The math teacher deserved an acting award. Best performance in the entire movie.
00 Buck 00 Buck 2 months ago Loved it! Some good values and lots of Hope the ending is awesome hope that guy gets his wish
Hunter Meta Hunter Meta 2 months ago This movie has me confused on multiple levels
Basic Gaming! Basic Gaming! 2 months ago After having this movie on my recommendation list for a while, I have finally succumbed into watching it!! Though hopefully I'll make it to the end without distraction or boredom first. Judging by the comments section I think I'll make it to the end!! Thanks guys!
Htc Larry Htc Larry 2 months ago 🔥
zariah herron zariah herron 2 months ago this came out on my bday lol
J. Randy Pollack J. Randy Pollack 2 months ago I laughed...a lot.
Kitso Mutabazi Kitso Mutabazi 2 months ago nic comedy i lov this kind
1BoiHot 1BoiHot 2 months ago Good movie!
Child Joseph Child Joseph 3 months ago That hot dog scene is ridiculously hilarious 22:01