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PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 400
07 Nov 2019 168.494 views 3.077 likes
Author: PUBG TV

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Clip 1: Fist_23


Clip 2: BeardamousRex


Clip 3: fist_23


Clip 4: chocoTaco


Clip 5: linksy

Clip 6: TheFightingYoshi


Clip 7: ikause132

Clip 8: Prophito

Clip 9: Wackyjacky101


Clip 10: Trola


Clip 11: kramwham


Clip 12: jeemzz


Clip 13: supessrar

Clip 14: ikause132

Clip 15: Allikin


Clip 16: supessrar

Clip 17: Bummy_TV


Clip 18: PommFrizz


Clip 19: Cucaraacha


Clip 20: iamthedamnslime

Clip 21: chocoTaco


Clip 22: retaliative


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Roy Vidal Roy Vidal 4 weeks ago fist 23 is stupid
Janirette Ramos maldonado Janirette Ramos maldonado A month ago Me at 0:17 NOOO THATS A GRANADE 0:22 dies*
David Schaller ii David Schaller ii A month ago The ads are so bad in these damn videos. It's ridiculous.
Yash Gaming Yash Gaming A month ago Loot
Shild Gaming Shild Gaming A month ago no one support me😑😑😔😔
IND4Z0N3 IND4Z0N3 A month ago 7:50 that guys hacking for sure, hope get banned soon
Nakamura Chika Nakamura Chika A month ago Congratulations on the 400th! I'm Japanese but I'm watching this series from the first episode. Since the number of subscribers hasn't exceeded 10,000 yet ... (google translation)
Nishu- GameZone Nishu- GameZone A month ago 🙏🙏🙏Soul mortals best clutch video in my channel soul fan must watch one tym plzz🙏🙏🙏🙏
Filip Filip Filip Filip A month ago 4:35
BFOWRT 4 BFOWRT 4 A month ago Aooooo 400 good 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦
DCTwix DCTwix A month ago Why was the 3:00 clip so bad?
David Firestone David Firestone A month ago 400 Video *wtf*
TheFightingYoshi TheFightingYoshi A month ago Ayy I made the cut :D
Ahad Mollah Ahad Mollah A month ago 🎉🎊🎉🎊Congratulations🎉🎊🎉🎊 For 400 EP
haniff yusoff haniff yusoff A month ago congrats ep.400.nice
Shubham Bhati Shubham Bhati A month ago Can i use the clips
КіLLJєТ КіLLJєТ A month ago Рашан битчес
Ryan Ryan A month ago what pubg is: a gun game what i use it as: a MoToRbIkE sImUlAtOr!!!
akhs denlew akhs denlew A month ago WoW what a bad episode that was... barely any wtf, funny or impressive play in there. Like the last clip was.. what? 2 sniper headshots? Do u know how many people are doing this every hour of every day? I did that multiple times yesterday and even with an x2 -.- Or the other one.. some guy camping on the roof of paradise while a squad passing by bellow him and he gets like.. 2 kills? pffff
sudha pillai sudha pillai A month ago Yaaaay the big 400!!!!!