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Kevin Hart - I'm Not Qualified To Watch My Kids

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Kevin Hart - I'm Not Qualified To Watch My Kids - Just For Laughs

#KevinHart on watching his dad get knocked out, creating #DaddyDay , and why he doesn't want to watch other people's kids.

Kevin Hart stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2009 .

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Love Akeela Love Akeela 6 days ago I got a ladder 😂😂😂man I love Kevin
n u i t ۵ n u i t ۵ 7 days ago his facial expressions is what makes his stand up shows even more hilarious. 😂
123 Anushika 123 Anushika 2 weeks ago I can hear this all day
hopeman returns hopeman returns A month ago Kevin was literally rapping the jokes... Legend
Thokozile Tshabalala Thokozile Tshabalala 3 months ago 🤣
Harsh Uttarwar Harsh Uttarwar 4 months ago You guys...it's so weird...he didn't swear even once..
Vito Vargas Vito Vargas 4 months ago My daughter the same way
Abagail Allen Abagail Allen 4 months ago "Jesus why would you say that"
Joses Thuo Joses Thuo 4 months ago This crowd weak....didn’t deserve these gems Hart is FUUNNNNYYY AF!!
Peach Listens Peach Listens 5 months ago Kevin hart is my baby mama!.. Change my mind
hassan vikaas hassan vikaas 5 months ago Get well soon man
Crushed Potato Crushed Potato 5 months ago Get well soon Kevin!
Skilla G Skilla G 5 months ago You know this is old cuz he said "PlayStation 3 just came out" 😂😂
Eyobed Nigusse Eyobed Nigusse 5 months ago Thanks Kevin hart for making us laugh
Eyobed Nigusse Eyobed Nigusse 5 months ago That is true every dad be like that
Vignesh Vignesh 5 months ago Hope he gets well soon
Monique Rowe Monique Rowe 5 months ago 😂😂😂😂😂
Jaisean Jaisean 5 months ago Kevin Hart really one of the greatest comedian of all time bruh LMAOO idk why people think he ain’t funny. smh
Gary McAleer Gary McAleer 5 months ago Got to keep up...
Salt & Pepper Salt & Pepper 5 months ago I'm struggling to laugh. I just don't find Kevin Hart funny, it's like he's doing comedy for retards that failed high school.
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