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8 Fun DIY School Supplies / Valentine’s Day Special

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8 Fun DIY School Supplies / Valentine’s Day Special - Troom Troom

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This year, February 14th is a normal school day. But we will help you feel the holiday! Watch our new video to find out how to make creative Valentine’s Day school supplies!

Supplies and tools:

• Corkboard

• Red spray paint

• Twine

• Hot glue gun

• Acrylic paint

• Dart

• Utility knife

• Nail file

• Acrylic primer

• Acrylic polish

• Glitter

• Colored wire

• Flat pliers

• Crayons

• Lip mold

• Heart shaped box

• Sparkly foam paper

• Wireless headphones case

• Light clay

• Empty marker

• Pink art ink

• Boxes of different sizes

• Square container

• Metallic tape

• Pen with a cap

• Plastic ball

• Confetti hearts

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