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11 Cool Girly Hacks / DIY, Hacks and Craft Projects for Girls

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11 Cool Girly Hacks / DIY, Hacks and Craft Projects for Girls - Troom Troom

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Safety comes first! If this is your motto, then our new video is just for you! Sit back and watch on how to easy and simple to protect yourself in any situation.

Supplies and tools:

• Cabbage

• Blender

• Cotton pads

• Printed labels

• Empty makeup containers

• Bottle with a pump

• Glitter

• Hand sanitizer

• Chili pepper

• Tea

• Ginger

• Empty EOS container

• Pompoms

• Hot glue gun

• Acrylic paints

• Beeswax

• Olive oil

• Egg yolk

• Paint

• White glue

• Acrylic polish

• Soft unicorn horn

• Artificial flowers

• Plastic bottle

• Utility knife

• Big plastic bottle

• Plastic cup

• Acrylic primer

• Glitter foam paper

• Light clay

• Rhinestones

• Stars

• Tulle

• Cotton

• Activated charcoal

• Velour ribbon

• Superglue

• Aloe

• Lemon

• Salt

• Iodine

• Jar

• Band aid

• Medical glue

• Empty lipstick tube

• Mint balm

• Pill box

• Beads, rhinestones

• Cosmetic Vaseline

• Aloe oil

• Lavender oil

• Ring blank

• Fabric

• Elastic

• Fabric paints

• Modeling tool

• Plastic bow

• Toothbrush

• Faux fur

• Earplugs


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Lilia Antonyan Lilia Antonyan 2 days ago This made my brain hurt
darksky gacha darksky gacha 3 days ago 7:07
darksky gacha darksky gacha 3 days ago First of all WHO and I repeat WHO PUTS THEIR HAND ON A FRY PAN THAT IS OBVIOUSLY HOT BECAUSE THW STOVE IS ON honestly smh
laylaa Randoph laylaa Randoph 5 days ago This is dumb all these people do his craft craft craft
Robert Guzman Robert Guzman 6 days ago While family life can be full of ups and downs, it can be hard to imagine anything that is more nourishing for the soul.
Ash_Gacha life girl Gonzales Ash_Gacha life girl Gonzales A week ago I am sorry I am late but can you please make a sick one because I am sick love your videos
Kiki 14 Kiki 14 A week ago Please don't use that burn thingy, please just run your fingers under super cold water. thank you
kathy lena kathy lena A week ago Troom Troom: now everybody is quit Me: But......Troom Troom is not quit and me 😂
Brenda Rockingham Brenda Rockingham A week ago Edetdfsf. I exude. C. Ty. Tr. C. Efy. Crffhfh. Ccccccccccccccc. Yrhcfb. T. Hi
Stephanie Oliver Stephanie Oliver A week ago Is the blonde hair girl that dumb Of putting her finger on a a stove?!
beth upton beth upton 2 weeks ago Created created created things
PRINCESS JO JO PRINCESS JO JO 2 weeks ago How is this so satisfying
rashed alujyan rashed alujyan 2 weeks ago I see McDonald vs Starbucks but i know why Starbucks win cus that girl love Starbucks but I love McDonald
JoAnn Sanfilippo JoAnn Sanfilippo 2 weeks ago girl: touches pan on stove also girl: gets burnt
Jesi Lapp Jesi Lapp 2 weeks ago 9
Bucky Gormley Bucky Gormley 2 weeks ago Wtf is this besides not entertaining
Michael Williams Michael Williams 2 weeks ago LOVE YOU SO1 MUCH
Antanas Mo Antanas Mo 2 weeks ago I'm a girl but my phone was my dad's phone so ya and I Love all the Girly hacks plz do more plz👧
Gacha Galaxy Acts Gacha Galaxy Acts 2 weeks ago When u get a splinter Me *just don’t touch wood*
ADude Yea ADude Yea 2 weeks ago so your decorating everything that you make what the hell
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