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Don't Ruin Your Smartphone
30 Nov 2019 1.700.213 views 61.390 likes
Author: Unbox Therapy

Smartphone cases don't have to ruin your phone.

Latercase - https://latercase.com



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Unbox Therapy Unbox Therapy A week ago LIMITED QUANTITIES TODAY One person who orders a case today will also receive a brand new smartphone inside the package - https://latercase.com
Xabier Casidy Xabier Casidy 11 minutes ago If you want a legit tech YouTuber check out “Flossy carter” that mans a legend
JM JM 11 minutes ago Shame on you! 👎🏽
Alex Meatman Alex Meatman 28 minutes ago Quick buck? Nope, ure f**ed! P.s. cheer up y'all, this is a historical video in a way)))
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Jhay-r Abac Jhay-r Abac 52 minutes ago I was about to hit "unsubscribe"... Turns out, i wasn't even subscribed to him in the first place. 😂
95mjl 95mjl 60 minutes ago I always knew Willy du was a snake like lew too
Roby Tosso Roby Tosso An hour ago Next thing you know: I don't like sneakers, actually I don't like any pair of sneakers, so I came up with mine!! The Later Sneakers... they look like Jordans, feel like Jordans, smell like Jordans... but they're not Jordans... and then he files a patent theft lawsuit against Nike
shivank singh shivank singh An hour ago One word: sad 😔
Anand Kumar Anand Kumar 2 hours ago Such a sucker !! This man has no spine !
ForgottenT ForgottenT 2 hours ago Enjoy the lawsuits, and distrust from your "fans" dumb ass.
Jonas MP Jonas MP 2 hours ago I've been a fan for years, but I just can't look the same way at you ever again. You lost yet one more sub.
King Badshah King Badshah 2 hours ago Shameful 👎🏼
Nick Thiel Nick Thiel 3 hours ago Confront the case the scandal? How can you talk crap about products and not address your own product scandal. There is no respect for you until you do that. If you don't, you're a BS channel and your thoughts and ideas mean nothing. Please respect people and address the case scandal. We need your feedback on this now. Man up!!! Or stop posting videos until you talk about the case scandal!!!
Prisacariu Vlad Prisacariu Vlad 3 hours ago These look familiar🙄
Neil Narwade Neil Narwade 4 hours ago Hey man, don't let these morons get to you Lew. They see some bs video on yt and think they know everything. You're doing great! Real ones are always with you.
Richard C Richard C 4 hours ago I unsubscribed.
Axel Shark Axel Shark 4 hours ago Lol one mistake and you cut off a person? You're cold!🥶 New products are always expensive at the beginning.
Caleb Christich Caleb Christich 4 hours ago Got the case, love it 👍
DEVANSH BHARDWAJ DEVANSH BHARDWAJ 5 hours ago After 5 whole years i have finally unsubscribed this channel for the shit they trying to pull off here