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Dollar Tree DIY ⚫ Farmhouse Home Decor on a Budget 2020

✧ 13 Feb 2020 ✧ 69.271 views ✧ 5.340 likes

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Dollar Tree DIY ⚫ Farmhouse Home Decor on a Budget 2020 - Liz Fenwick DIY

Today's video is a Dollar tree DIY and farmhouse home decor on a budget 2020.

#dollartree #diy #farmhouse

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MatschMomma MatschMomma 2 days ago Don't know if anyone else said but.... That's stitch is called a blanket stitch. 😁
KimjaH143 KimjaH143 2 days ago Awesome as always! Thanks Liz
Jenna Glass Jenna Glass 5 days ago This is completely off topic, but do you have your nails done professionally or do you do them yourself? They always look so nice! Loved the first diy, so cute!
Shelby Lunger Shelby Lunger 5 days ago I’ve looked for these darn rugs all over several stores nearby and can’t find them anywhere! Where in the store have you found these? Love how it came out!
iwantafrapp iwantafrapp 6 days ago Such great ideas!! I would have never thought of any of the things you do. Is there any way you can do some things that would work in a coastal/nautical themed home? That would be great!
Doreen Perez Doreen Perez 6 days ago Love these recreations.
Melissa Rider Melissa Rider 6 days ago Loved the cute ideas.. thankyou for sharing..🙂🙂
sol narvaez sol narvaez 7 days ago The pillows came out awesome loving them.
Karen Maxwell Karen Maxwell 7 days ago I love the pillow idea...going to make them too with the custom stitching!❤️
maresa Davis maresa Davis 7 days ago Congratulations on 201K wow!! Way to go Liz!!
Life in Multiples Life in Multiples 7 days ago I am semi obsessed with knots. Cant wait to make this one! I'm gonna make a version of this for my girls' room!
Eunice Nield Eunice Nield A week ago Very clever.
Linda Curtis Linda Curtis A week ago Liz, I love the rope basket! You are so creative! 😊
Maria Cacioppo Maria Cacioppo A week ago I made the plate/charger Love it!
Grizel Salas Grizel Salas A week ago Love it
Cathleen Weaver Cathleen Weaver A week ago Yay 200K subbies. You deserve it and many more ❤💚💜💙💛
Karen Reardon Karen Reardon A week ago I love the pillow idea!
Sharon victor Sharon victor A week ago I like all three of your projects! Can’t seem to find the nautical rope though. I found two several weeks ago but can’t find any more.
Jodi Olliver Jodi Olliver A week ago I absolutely loved these!! The pillow especially because where else in the world can you get a beautiful throw pillow for a few dollars?!?! Every time my DTs have cute placemats, I’m making a pillow lol. Thanks for sharing your ideas. The plant hanger was awesome too. You made it look easy and doable!!
Janet Lynch Janet Lynch A week ago Cool ideals Liz your so talented
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