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NEW YORK CITY 2018: DAY and NIGHT WALK AROUND! [4K] - Tomasz Bykowski

Hi, Everyone!

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I am saving for SONY A7 III camera with the decent lens :)

Thank You!

Let's stop talking for few minutes and enjoy New York.

Our vlogging equipment:

Camera: Panasonic VX870

Editing laptop: Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display 15-inch Laptop (Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Intel Iris, OS Sierra) - mid 2015

Editing tool: Final Cut Pro X 10.4

[]BumbleBee[] Cubic Castles []BumbleBee[] Cubic Castles 4 months ago Omg that’s my teacher 6:29
F-zero91maru F-zero91maru One year ago looks cool i want to visit new york city now i'm from the west california i like to visit the east
Rishi Upadhyay Rishi Upadhyay One year ago What's the place at 5:40 ?
Eliane Fadel Eliane Fadel One year ago Video New York NY.🇺🇸 Good 🚶👍
ismail tai ismail tai One year ago hi nice video
Ziya Tatar Ziya Tatar One year ago Thanks Tomasz...
Deanna Woody Deanna Woody One year ago Beautiful city
StudioKolej StudioKolej One year ago Ahh ten Times Square! Cały świat w jednym miejscu, które pulsuje i nigdy nie śpi :) W 10:45 minucie chyba nie spodobała się pani kamera...
LR Guerra LR Guerra One year ago Top
Momo Momo Momo Momo One year ago more more more more more more more of that pllllllllllllllllllllllllease
Reynaldo Torres Da Silva Reynaldo Torres Da Silva One year ago Legal
Ian Wyatt Ian Wyatt One year ago Always look over your shoulder and in the skies. Ugh!
Дед Пыхто Дед Пыхто One year ago Thank you from Russia ✋🏻
ROSANNA PETA ROSANNA PETA One year ago .....day or night New York is New York......anyway is a most beautiful big city in the world.....
Jorge Siqueira Jorge Siqueira One year ago Depois de DEUS e minha mãe (Nova Iorque) New York é minha PAIXÃO. Maravilhosa.
Akum Ikichu Akum Ikichu One year ago Wow beautiful country great city
Nice akim James Nice akim James One year ago Great city
Jefferson Gonçalves da Silva Jefferson Gonçalves da Silva One year ago Very Good vidio Thanks my frends
Jadzia Jaga Jadzia Jaga One year ago Beautiful Video,thanks
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