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BACK TO SCHOOL HACKS || Funny DIY School Supply by 123 GO! GOLD
29 Nov 2019 1.815.132 views 14.798 likes
Author: 123 GO! GOLD

No more worries at school - everything is gonna be peachy with our clever school supplies life hacks!

You'll learn how to pass the math test so easy, how to wake up always in time and become the best student in class!

Funny expectations and awkward reality will make you laugh - this is try not to laugh challenge!

Awesome school hacks and awkward moments from everyday life are waiting for you and your comments!

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00:12 Band-aid life hacks

00:40 How to pass the test life hack

01:58 How to sneak phone in class

02:30 Funny phone trick

04:30 Expectation VS Reality

09:16 Clothes Hacks

10:04 Girly beauty trick

10:30 How to remove sweat stains cleaning hack

10:44 Funny bloopers

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123 GO! GOLD 123 GO! GOLD 2 weeks ago Now I know how to pass the test🤭! Do you like math? Confess in the comments and subscribe 123 GO! GOLD👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzAa37OHvk6LQTG6M2GcJEA?sub_confirmation=1
Melina Samani Melina Samani 4 hours ago 2:45 IM DYIN she really said RiSEE And ShINe
Kailyn Turner Kailyn Turner 22 hours ago Anyone else notice that ALL of the character's backpacks are THE SAME!?
john ford john ford 23 hours ago 123 go
Quiet Dyson Quiet Dyson 2 days ago Loved this videos 123 GO Gold!❤️
Madie Pluck Madie Pluck 2 days ago What theHeck is wrong with you pins what happens when a little kid do that and actually hit the snooze button
nisha yashlaha nisha yashlaha 3 days ago Keven is so cute
Family Daer Family Daer 3 days ago I keep things neat!
Khloe VanNote Khloe VanNote 3 days ago I💟 your videos
min zhou min zhou 3 days ago This is trouble if people do the same thing in real life
UNiFOXY sprinkles UNiFOXY sprinkles 4 days ago If the teacher see this there going be like.... Teacher: I got to check all the kid things!
dracie Arquette dracie Arquette 4 days ago L
humera hanif humera hanif 4 days ago DY
romy bharmoria romy bharmoria 4 days ago Vici doesn’t no who panned the Mona Lisa I will tell you the answer Leonado Davenchi and I am 6 years old
romy bharmoria romy bharmoria 4 days ago Vici doesn’t no who pinned the Mona Lisa !I will tell you the answer Lionado Davenchi
santawel santawel 5 days ago How is 7:50 a school hack
primroseoak44 primroseoak44 5 days ago Or just don't cheat and don't be on your phone in class. Dumb ass hacks.
Jayniecriss Doronio Jayniecriss Doronio 5 days ago how did vicky know all the answer in the math test
نجد مفضل نجد مفضل 5 days ago احب اتبعكم
Tanika Wilson Tanika Wilson 6 days ago 123 go is the best YouTube channel in the world 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👼🌸🌸🍑🍑🍑🍑