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1 Troll in America (Trolling Tuesdays) by Whiteboy7thst
07 Aug 2013 133.838 views 9.522 likes
Author: WhiteBoy7thst

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Jeremy West Jeremy West 7 months ago I watched this video when it first came out, I’ve been looking for it ever since. I’m way to happy right now for finding this. The kid with the scratchy voice is a legend. I could never get his singing of “Black Betty” out of my head
xP xP 5 years ago Black Bettyyy
matt moots matt moots 5 years ago Was that a man or a woman?
imDino imDino 6 years ago he had 420 xp match bonus
shelby sanfelippo shelby sanfelippo 6 years ago Haha dude your so f@cking funny
Katie ange Katie ange 6 years ago yo girlfriend ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Tyler Poyser Tyler Poyser 6 years ago That guy is fuckin crazy, lmao
LurkKing LurkKing 6 years ago this video is too funny!!!
stowe stowe 6 years ago IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS JABRONIE!!!!! The rock is awesome
Fingerprints Fingerprints 6 years ago tyrone is gnna whoop the racists ass blap blap
Maximo Paterniti Maximo Paterniti 6 years ago "I fought three gangs at one time"
James James 6 years ago @qqgdzmw yeah you go that right AND! ive been wasting my time with this game all day have a look its tight >> tiny.cc\6y771w
Mohamed Wane Mohamed Wane 6 years ago Wow wow wow chill out there man Its not liking im telling him to kill himself... its just stupid to me that he thinks its that awesome. good day
Marc Walberg Marc Walberg 6 years ago This was pretty funny
Brendan Hoover Brendan Hoover 6 years ago am i the only one that thought the guy that popped up on the screen looked like elijah wood on heroin?
MrJerseyboi89 MrJerseyboi89 6 years ago It doesnt matter what ur name is
Aleks Curgus Aleks Curgus 6 years ago Fruit cake
McFrosty notFrost McFrosty notFrost 6 years ago /watch?v=sq0uyKQ6QkM
moneystakin55 moneystakin55 6 years ago Fruit cake made the ending