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Best News Bloopers Of The 80s That Are Still Funny
19 Sep 2019 1.457.612 views 8.657 likes
Author: News Be Funny

BEST NEWS BLOOPERS OF THE 80s THAT ARE STILL FUNNY! Funny news bloopers of the 1980s that will make you laugh.


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situated4 situated4 21 hours ago How's the weather today, LARRY??!!
A A A week ago a woman about 35 feet tall
Blackwood Richmore Blackwood Richmore 2 weeks ago Sloan Brown fell down...
anosmianAcrimony anosmianAcrimony 2 weeks ago T H E N O I S E.
Matt P Matt P 2 weeks ago “Home improvement loins”
Blaisey Blaisey 2 weeks ago 3:30 😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭
Josh Hanson Josh Hanson 2 weeks ago That anchor did not do Larry any favours!
GippyHappy GippyHappy 3 weeks ago ...................................... *_THE NOISE_*
MorseKawa MorseKawa 3 weeks ago News anchors sure looked different in the 80s.
RYNO LASCAVIO RYNO LASCAVIO 3 weeks ago was that last guy for real???
Callie Rose Martinsyde Callie Rose Martinsyde 4 weeks ago 10:23 the seated guy looks an awful lot like The Farting Preacher
André Miguel André Miguel 4 weeks ago 9:58 gave me Twin Peaks vibes for some reason.
Shelly Rae Shelly Rae 4 weeks ago Germanary hahaha!!
Jason May Jason May 4 weeks ago "Plenty of sinkholes...guys hold on a minute here..tony, richard, RICHARD!"
Cristero Warrior Cristero Warrior 4 weeks ago If you weren’t alive in the 80’s I feel bad for you
Windows Vista Windows Vista 4 weeks ago 0:32 that shirt is a crime to wear
Nicolas Zart Nicolas Zart 4 weeks ago I don't know what's funnier, the things they say or the clothes some of these women wore :)
The Womfox The Womfox 4 weeks ago Tony? Richard? Richard?
Chris Cunningham Chris Cunningham 4 weeks ago Sloan Brown fell down 👍
Birds ofPrey Birds ofPrey 4 weeks ago I love the guy giving the weather report in California using a map that looked like a 7 year old kid drew