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Puppy Meets Wolf!
21 Oct 2019 1.283.441 views 49.926 likes
Author: Joey Graceffa

The day is finally here! After almost 2 months some of the puppies meet my dog Wolf for the first time!!

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Joey Graceffa Joey Graceffa 2 months ago Should I introduce the rest of the puppies to wolf on vlog channel?
Hey ITZ ALYSSA Hey ITZ ALYSSA 3 days ago Keep all of them!!!!!!!!!
Jun Xiang YAP Jun Xiang YAP 3 days ago Yes but wy you keep 2 pupys wy
Repping The Cats Repping The Cats 7 days ago Aww beautiful! 🐾💖
Xx_. Jupiter ._xX Xx_. Jupiter ._xX 2 weeks ago I love how he loves all his dogs equal 💖
JanielLove DanielPreda JanielLove DanielPreda 2 weeks ago Forever love janiel
CheekyBear 10 CheekyBear 10 2 weeks ago All of them are super cute I can't even tell them apart
Jordan Rodriguez Jordan Rodriguez 2 weeks ago I am new are the puppies all named colors? But they are adorable.
Wolfer The Wolf Wolfer The Wolf 2 weeks ago I love huskys
QueenPuffball 20 QueenPuffball 20 4 weeks ago WHOS the daddy 😂
aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ? aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ? 4 weeks ago who's here after the decided who to keep🧼❤️? (the emojis give it away XD)
-BяøКЄп- -BяøКЄп- 4 weeks ago Red reminds me of Billie Eilish 😂💙💚
Catie Lucas Catie Lucas 4 weeks ago who the dad
HOBO Z HOBO Z A month ago 6:39 wtf
Asa's World Asa's World A month ago Keep there names
Mckeina kendall Mckeina kendall A month ago wolf ok
Kyndal Blackwell Kyndal Blackwell A month ago Wolfie: Dear Diary, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Lovely Bomi Lovely Bomi A month ago Lovely🐶
Laila Owens Laila Owens A month ago Green and pink are sooo cute I wish I could keep green soo cute
Tammycat Bambrick Tammycat Bambrick A month ago What happened to storm