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New York City & Times Square Night Tour
22 Nov 2011 6.335.980 views 35.368 likes
Author: CP Media

This video takes you into the streets of Manhattan (New York City) via the Lincoln Tunnel, the world's busiest tunnel, and then back into New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge, the world's busiest bridge. Along the way, you'll see 42nd Street, the Port Authority, Columbus Circle, Broadway, the Ed Sullivan Theater, and Times Square.

USA American USA American 2 days ago My Channel see
Fanta Gamer Productions Fanta Gamer Productions 4 days ago BEST CITY IN THE WORLD
Cristian Charles Cristian Charles 4 days ago I Love my country, I love New York City😁😊😍😘😘🇺🇸
Sidhartha Das Sidhartha Das 6 days ago I am from India. But, i have not gone America and i have not seen America. But, i am in India. Who will take me America?
Dennys Russe Silva Dennys Russe Silva 2 weeks ago Meu Deus é o meu sonho está ai nos Estados unidos
Abhi Kharvi Abhi Kharvi 2 weeks ago ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you NYC ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Goran Kore Goran Kore 2 weeks ago hellow new york
mohamed king mohamed king 2 weeks ago love you newyork city girl naked in the square street
Carlito Bolima Carlito Bolima 2 weeks ago Goodjob
John Mcdermott John Mcdermott 3 weeks ago I love America nurk york is the best city in the world I wode love to lave there brilliant
modder1975 modder1975 3 weeks ago GTA 4 enhancer redux in 20 years:)
lila 123456789 lila 123456789 3 weeks ago Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone For michael, Idk if we can still have a convo like this. Its alright whatever your decision would be. Of course, having some type of convo with you is already a peice of heaven for me but i dont want my heaven to die. Whatever your decision might be, i would understand. Take care always
Site show bob Site show bob 3 weeks ago A cidade mais bonita que existe 👆
Girish Pardeshi Girish Pardeshi 4 weeks ago I think this is more beautiful than Dubai
Girish Pardeshi Girish Pardeshi 4 weeks ago Damn how beautiful Newyork this is beyond my expectations the feel and vibe you get in New York is out of the world
Patrick O'Donnell Patrick O'Donnell 4 weeks ago New York is nowhere nea 4th largest in the world. It's probably like tenth or eleventh. Literally almost every city in China and Japan is bigger, Istanbul is bigger, Mexico City is bigger and others. London might be a little bit bigger but probably about the same.
World Travel Rafhat World Travel Rafhat 4 weeks ago Nice tour! Thanks
arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger 4 weeks ago I love you America.
Emma Frost Emma Frost 4 weeks ago I’ll be moving so South America soon. I’d love to visit New York.
Faraz Ahmed Faraz Ahmed 4 weeks ago Just visited New York last month, and I loved the city. This city is a world in its own right, absolutely amazing, specially loved the Brooklyn Bridge park and Times square at night. Its definitely a must see place in a lifetime!