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23 Nov 2019 1.575.863 views 21.058 likes
Author: Snazzy Labs

Tesla unveiled their new Cybertruck pickup and I got the chance to take a ride in it.

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After years of waiting, Tesla has unveiled the new electric pickup truck dubbed Cybertruck. It looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 with a retro-futuristic design that's... controversial. Is it ugly? Is it beautiful? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Snazzy Labs host Quinn Nelson had the chance to take a test ride in the craziest truck ever made after its unveiling and Cybertruck fail of the Tesla Armor Glass. I talk about the suspension, acceleration, specs, interior fitment, seat comfort, cabin size, bed anchoring, charge port locations, Autopilot camera locations and more in one of the most comprehensive Cybertruck videos yet.

Statimtek Statimtek 10 hours ago Waiting for the first owner who will put a lift kit on it, with mud terrain tires, and a huge American flag in the bed.
alexander pabrezis alexander pabrezis 10 hours ago A truck is a piece of ship they threw a ridiculous frame on top of a battery operated real and presented this as if it was a next biggest thing we are yet to know if this is actual and factual it's more or less like a movie from Blade Runner fiction
Ranger Ranger 18 hours ago Looks good, Musk is always leaning toward.Great American n best of th best. China's copying right behind. 🤠 They have to be with no individual freedoms.
Chris Keddy Chris Keddy 19 hours ago LOL really 4:26 "many people love the new truck but that most either hate it or are split on it" Come on really you are combining Hate 19% with split 39% to get 58%. You could also say most people Love it or are split on it and get 39% plus 42% and get 81%.
Chris Keddy Chris Keddy 19 hours ago Hmm So you can take it though water(Well that means your windows need to shatter so if you start sticking you can easily break the windows. But looking at the window shatter test clip they did not shatter that well.
david69funk david69funk 19 hours ago So hes building skynet cool.
stefanos stefanos 19 hours ago 40.000 s you kan bay a hause in greece
Kian Vakili Kian Vakili 21 hours ago I actually saw the broken windows as a success. Those balls would’ve gone through any other trucks window.
Adalet91 Adalet91 22 hours ago 39.990?? if Mercedes would sell this, it would be 399.990$!!!
Luis Yamberla Luis Yamberla 23 hours ago For the planet, use just electric cars. No more.
Frank Elwert Frank Elwert 24 hours ago Cutting the pigtails of GRETA the TUNAFISH in under than less 5 seconds to zero: This ist great!
Cyber Trailer Cyber Trailer Yesterday The point of the window demo was to only illustrate the glass technology! (FOR THE FRONT WINDOW) not the side window as under emergency situations you will need to break the glass.
Billy Bob JR Billy Bob JR Yesterday I Love ❤️ the Cybertruck
Dominick Reyes-Villa Dominick Reyes-Villa Yesterday Ay, we got a Tesla warthog of from halo so all we need now is a Tesla scorpion tank and a Tesla mantis.
Corpse Crow Corpse Crow 2 days ago Real life Twisted Metal 2021 confirmed, and I feel like a Sweet Tooth waiting to get in.
Cody Collins Cody Collins 2 days ago Not a big fan of what my electric bill would be but i would definitely buy the truck maybe even the quad as well for the extra douche factor... seriously though not a bad truck especially for a concept modle
Fabio Muner Fabio Muner 3 days ago I need one. All the other vehicles got immediately 100 years older.
Anatol P Anatol P 3 days ago Elon Musk who is he? a genius? or a blind billionaire? or maybe he is doing that on purpose? Installing low latitude so called SpaceX satellites, by hundreds for now, but very soon by thousands, up to 42,000 by the year 2017. And not only him, others billionaires are thinking to do the same, like amazon, facebook and others. In a few years there will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of these questionable technology machines flying over our heads. Looks like in general people are thinking about these satellites like low flying harmless birds. But these machines are not harmless, they emit radiation, and a lots of it, day and night 24/365. Maybe Mr Elon will tell us, how much radiation they will send to the Earth. And that radiation will effect all inhabitants on the Earth including the plant world. More, Mr Elon is using even laser technology, which is also dangerous like the microwave technology to our health, and to the environment? Many of us are excited to see these satellites train in the sky? and are very happy to have a cheap and fast internet? really, will it make us happy? Looks like it is only a cover up, something serious is behind that? so some specialists say on the internet. Perhaps human mind reprogramming, and control? How about all sicknesses? a whole list of them, starting from A and ending on Z? including cancer? caused by the microwave radiation and the laser technology? If Mr Elon cares about us and the planet? maybe in his wisdom he would build a space craft, which will clean the space from all debris and junk send into the space by intelligent and highly developed human? It will be a real good deed, for all of us. "What is a benefit for a man, who even possesses all Earth, but will lose his soul"?
Tony D Tony D 3 days ago the design will catch on and it will be just wonderful