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Brilliant bedroom tricks and decoration ideas for a cozy feel

We tend to spend a lot of time in the bedroom. It’s not only because it’s the room we sleep in, but it’s also because it’s our little sanctuary. So, in this video, I wanted to show you some amazing bedroom ideas and hacks that will help you give your little sleep room a more personal touch.

You can make your own footstool that you can in your bedroom using old egg containers. You simply layer them on top of each other and then you bend them into a circle. Then, you take some thick fabric, attach it on top to make it sturdy and voila. To avoid messing up your walls. You can use another way to hand pictures on them. Simply take a paperclip, attach a small piece of tape and stick them on the wall. Then, put the pictures you want on there, and use small magnets on top to secure them in place.

You can also use some curtain clips/hangers to organize all your purses in your drawer. You simply connect the clips vertically and place 1 or 2 items on each one.

You can take old shoeboxes, attach them together using hot glue or double-sided tape and then place them under your bed. There you can keep your sheets, slippers or towels.

Watch until the end to see some ideas on how to decorate your dorm-room too on a budget.


0:56 – How to repurpose a picture frame

2:37 – How to decorate your dorm room

4:10 – DIY bedroom furniture

6:20 – Genius bedroom hacks

8:36 – Amazing bedroom makeup over

11:04 – DIY plant pot hangers for your bedroom

11:57 – How to repurpose tights into couch pillows

14:01 – How to make your own belt from scratch

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Ruth Weeks Ruth Weeks A week ago Why in the blue heck, would anyone want an inflatable mattress ? They don't last long
Yass Queen Yass Queen A week ago 4:03 nice hack with the mayo until he tries to use the mayo
Avery Wright Avery Wright A week ago anyone else frustrated about things not being lined up straight? Also y'all realize you can't paint dorm furniture, right?
Kitty Time Kitty Time A week ago Can they ever come up with new ideas
Julianna Morelli Julianna Morelli A week ago Am I the only one who feels like they purposely damage their clothes for vids?
ATHIEST ATHIEST A week ago who else misunderstood the thumbnail 😂
Eric Zhao Eric Zhao A week ago This is really making me questioning the limit of stupidity
Michelle Hinsley Michelle Hinsley 2 weeks ago who has noticed that hardly anyone actually does theese?
kow shi kow shi 2 weeks ago Are you using laptop in toilet 😋🤣
Yssa Cagara Yssa Cagara 2 weeks ago I was supposed to see how to make the chicken blanket.
Sara Alarab Sara Alarab 2 weeks ago I hate it EWWWWW
Максим Ячменський Максим Ячменський 2 weeks ago Ти как😱 маясо 👌
Karem Niikasio Karem Niikasio 2 weeks ago Alguém do Brasil?
Nugget Nugget 2 weeks ago Yes, because belts break like that.
Roxy Anne Roxy Anne 2 weeks ago Me : Oh no my belt was broken! 5 min craft : Let do the cratf. Me : No thanks. I'll buy the new one. 😂😂😂
Bella DeRoo Bella DeRoo 2 weeks ago 6:30 I don't I have 100 egg cartons
Lauren Frick Lauren Frick 2 weeks ago When you watch 5 minute crafts but you never use the hacks? 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Javi Zavi Javi Zavi 2 weeks ago Shopkeeper: So how many egg boxes do you want? 5 minute crafts: yes
Rahimul Haque Rahimul Haque 2 weeks ago I like this
Rahimul Haque Rahimul Haque 2 weeks ago I like this channels 5 minute crafts Ho6
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