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We built a PC more efficient than a console!
02 Dec 2019 1.384.250 views 56.296 likes
Author: Linus Tech Tips

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Gaming’s not all about raw power – And if power consumption and your carbon footprint mean anything to you, maybe it’s time to rethink how you build your PC…

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Z Rus Z Rus 10 hours ago Aaah, Seasonic The AK-47 of PSU world Cheap, Robust, Reliable, Durable Just turn it on,, forget about it. It even get Mr Deal Approval stamp
Mason Mason 17 hours ago So if it is around 100ws for the 2060; I want to get a 2070. How much would that be? Would that be similar to that of the Xbox x or ps4 pro? I'm assuming so. I'm really interested in this project Linus and was wondering if you could do a "Powerful Efficient PC build" But I would like it if you ran it off Solar for better testing.
Deniz Demirel Deniz Demirel 17 hours ago Human eye can't see less than 130 watts.
Un1234l Un1234l 21 hours ago 2:17 is goddamn hilarious
Lividmatter Lividmatter 22 hours ago The monitor itself (rated at 180w) is drawing *MORE* power than the entire pc... facepalm
JustAsSimple JustAsSimple 24 hours ago I'm confident that it will run on 100 watts (or higher) solar panel.
J. Miller J. Miller Yesterday this is great, but the music is unsettling
AmountStax AmountStax 2 days ago If you want to be environmentally conscious, use more fossil fuels.
El_ Sancho_20 El_ Sancho_20 2 days ago Top 10 anime betrayals haha
Got Game Got Game 2 days ago Comparing microprocessors to processors watts usage is ridiculous
AbyssalReClass AbyssalReClass 2 days ago *Glances at threadripper build* Whelp. Good thing most of my power comes from Hydro
User Userov User Userov 3 days ago There is an error in cable length power draw calculations. Watt should be multiplied with seconds, not hours. In order to get kW*h units for the energy use, we can multiply 0.998 W with 3600 seconds after converting it to kilowatts.(0.998W/1000)*3600s=3.5928 kW*h.
Robert Neve Robert Neve 3 days ago would have been cool if you'd also got the power draw of the same pc out of the box and overclocked. For comparison.
djdidge djdidge 3 days ago great for motorhome based desktop builds!
Tsunami23 Tsunami23 3 days ago So how can I set my fan to 0% on my zotac 1070?
Can Çeralp Can Çeralp 3 days ago I believe that 30-40W difference is paid with the physical volume difference. If the PC was fit into a case as big as Xbox One's, then the results would be even more closer, if not same. Still, a perfect setup. Almost more close to gaming laptops than desktop PCs.
Nityanand Saswade Nityanand Saswade 3 days ago He did not told you the fact that how much extra emissions it caused building powerful pc including that 90plus gold psu. And yes how much fps you lost by undervolting and underclocking your pc.
celes celes 3 days ago anthony is amazing
Kevin Yang Kevin Yang 4 days ago 650W psu when pc draws 100W... nice efficiency there btw
Stanton Howard Stanton Howard 4 days ago What's up with your vampire red eyes in this video lol