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Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls
24 Jun 2015 114.635.609 views 2.085.883 likes
Author: Hayley Kiyoko

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Music video for Girls Like Girls performed by Hayley Kiyoko.

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Alana Kaiane Alana Kaiane 6 minutes ago Cadê os brasileiros aqui????
Freya M. Freya M. 28 minutes ago Teen wolf where u at
Thalita Thalita 41 minutes ago Essa música é simplesmente perfeita
My Darling grace My Darling grace 3 hours ago Mom: you can’t have a boyfriend until you’re 16 Me: oh how convenient
Holly Wileman Holly Wileman 4 hours ago This music video made me realize I was gay in seventh grade... now I’m a freshman in college and this vid still brings me to tears.
sunflower gatcha sunflower gatcha 6 hours ago Turn it blue if u would marry her in a heart beat vv
Elizabeth hines Elizabeth hines 7 hours ago I live in a very small town and all I want is a girlfriend but I know that I won’t find one here ugh being gay is HARD!!!!
Tessa Nicole Tessa Nicole 9 hours ago I nEeD A giRlFriEnD, this is just getting sad :(
B l ï t h ë B l ï t h ë 12 hours ago No one : Comments section: Son: Dad I’m gay other son: me too dad: so no one likes girls. Daughter: I do
Riley McDermott Riley McDermott 12 hours ago This song makes me emotional every time especially the “don’t tell me, tell me what I feel. I’m real and I don’t feel like boys” I tear up every time😭❤️
IrisDoesArt IrisDoesArt 13 hours ago My 12 year old self trying to tell myself I’m just ally whilst watching this: Your not gay, just a ally (x4) Now is a pansexual with a gf: Yeah should of seen that coming—
ampotato ampotato 13 hours ago Me: thinking of the legal issues she’s gonna get into for beating him up
Skylar Sensi Skylar Sensi 15 hours ago bruh I’m hay now
Sarah F Sarah F 15 hours ago i’m straight but i like this song
ValeX treme ValeX treme 18 hours ago Omg, i remember the 2015 me watching this under the sheets of my bed being careful just if my parents entered my room, and thinking woah this is so gay, maybe I’m gay. Rn I’m basically the gayest person on earth lmao
SueeesG SueeesG 18 hours ago Is it just me who wants to remind everyone that the 2 girls as well as Hayley are from Disney channel back in the day? Forever sending the right message🙏❤
Mitzi Mitzi 19 hours ago this popped up in my recommended when it first came out & Ivr been looking around for this for ages ... finally found it again :)
Miкaiyō¡! Miкaiyō¡! 19 hours ago _Chale, mi himno 😔_
Smiley Riley Smiley Riley 19 hours ago is she lexi from ant farm?
evelynne evelynne 20 hours ago this video is so well made!!!! i usually hate music videos, but i always come back to this one. wlw are so powerful💞💓💕💘💝💖💗