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Things Guys Need To STOP Saying To Girls
11 May 2018 6.218.653 views 75.783 likes
Author: youtwoTV

It's about time Women be treated with some respect... who's with us?

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Sibongile Mathibela Sibongile Mathibela 5 hours ago Break up with hlm
Rosa Guzman Rosa Guzman 2 days ago that is really true jazz
Kunjbihari Painkra Kunjbihari Painkra 2 days ago Didi कॉमेडी वीडियो Lana
فاطمة عبد الرحمن فاطمة عبد الرحمن 2 days ago حرام عليك
mo mlog mo mlog 3 days ago System
Eva Ramirez Eva Ramirez 4 days ago xD factsss
Marshall Stewartn Marshall Stewartn 5 days ago Dumbest video ever
Why you Bully me123 Why you Bully me123 5 days ago First girl says cuttel with me first girl says stop STOP second they are always mad second girls say omg baby baby soo boys have to do the work for girls :P😐
Why you Bully me123 Why you Bully me123 5 days ago Bro that boy was trying to portect the girl
Yasmijn n Yasmijn n 6 days ago I don't like pink to I hate pink like if you hate pink
Enewan Effiom Enewan Effiom 7 days ago I know right people are like "girls like pink if you don't you're not a girl." And I'm like f**k you. I like blue and black, the colour your face is gonna be if you don't f**k off. *I mumble* son of a b*tch fricking stereotype just f**k off.
Noémie Palan Noémie Palan 7 days ago Sadly it’s true
Carly Grandison Carly Grandison A week ago This vid is a sextis I play video games and Im a girl
Vrinda Sharma Vrinda Sharma A week ago I just love you twoooo🥰🥰😘😘🤗
lighmlight forever lighmlight forever 2 weeks ago That's like me I HATE pink.
parmis feizi parmis feizi 2 weeks ago "girls don't play video games " me: *trose phone away* are you kidding me 😠
parmis feizi parmis feizi 2 weeks ago him:girls love pink me:if for prof that I'm a girl a need to love pink then I'm a boy for sure😂
Alana Booker Alana Booker 2 weeks ago I hate that “all girls like pink” bish I hate pink
Darshanie Dhauntal Darshanie Dhauntal 2 weeks ago 🤣🤣🤣😊😊😊
FaKe_Not Josip FaKe_Not Josip 2 weeks ago Guys:were not playing sims were playing fortnite Me: fortnite, LET ME PLAY NOW!!!