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Even I Can’t Hate the 16” Macbook Pro 2019

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Even I Can’t Hate the 16” Macbook Pro 2019 - Linus Tech Tips

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Apple’s new 16” MacBook Pro is a refreshing change of pace with its revised keyboard and standard 16GB of memory. Has Apple finally listened to the criticism they’ve taken for many years now?

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KAI KAI Yesterday Linus: *praises apple* Literally everyone: _impossible_
Nice u Nice u 2 days ago god you're annoying.
V. N. V. N. 2 days ago 3:47 when an excision song starts playing
Wesley Franken Wesley Franken 2 days ago Just bought a MacBook Pro 16 because of this review. Thanks!
Morten Morten 3 days ago If you need windows on it, just go virtual instead of bootcamp
Esrael Nate Esrael Nate 3 days ago i think this was one of the best adds iv watched at the end of the vid
GUREUMKIM GUREUMKIM 4 days ago 8:30 just show the 2.4 doesn't hit 5.0. Definitely going for 2.3, not worth $200
Masked Badass Masked Badass 5 days ago As long as Apple keeps being ridiculously overpriced they can still get bent.
Tech Roar Tech Roar 5 days ago That MacBook Pro is A KILLER machine! As someone whose currently using the 2012 MacBook Pro w/ an SSD upgrade, this is the Mac I want next! Saving up for it!
Raymond Wiik Raymond Wiik A week ago ALL I WANT IS A MAC I CAN PLAY DOOM ETERNAL ON
Violet Fyxe Violet Fyxe A week ago OLED screens still have a _huge_ issue with blue diode degeneration. That's fine for a $300 smartphone, but who wants to have their $3000 laptop's screen look yellow in three years just for deeper blacks? The restrained CPU fans are bullshit though. I'd rather have a laptop that runs a little louder or slower than one that TIM-COOKS the god damned CPU. 🔥🤦‍♀️
M M 2 weeks ago This thing is a real iPOS
Gebrüder Schwarzwald Gebrüder Schwarzwald 2 weeks ago 1:57 Violence is never the answer.
Ydoum's Gaming Den Ydoum's Gaming Den 2 weeks ago You will once they tell you that you need to replace parts for $1500 instead of plugging back a single cable.
Amogh Bhurke Amogh Bhurke 2 weeks ago Wtf is he doing 4:22?
Mikayel Mikayel 2 weeks ago OLED displays on computers are a bad idea the start menu button will burn in less than a year later and your screen will go to shit in 2 years
Mikayel Mikayel 2 weeks ago 4:15 thinner bezels vs a stabile OS :)
Mikayel Mikayel 2 weeks ago Am I the only one who liked the butterfly keyboard?
wrangleroooo wrangleroooo 2 weeks ago Stupid dongle era, bring back classic USB and HDMI. Staying with 2013 model, fuck you Apple
Grant Goodman Grant Goodman 2 weeks ago linus... you have the absolute worst, most mind-bendingly torturous intro music of any YouTuber ever and it drives me fucking insane every time i watch one of your videos. the music is obnoxious and fucking loud. please stop
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