Wall Street Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren | The Daily Show
07 Nov 2019 964.533 views 19.027 likes

Elizabeth Warren’s surge in the polls has CEOs and the super-wealthy scrambling to contend with her plans of increasing corporate accountability and taxes on the rich. #TheDailyShow #WorldWarD

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Joseph Turner Joseph Turner 10 hours ago Bernie Sanders
Ali F Ali F 2 days ago Would Bernie or Warren winning the presidency be "the end of the world", or would it be the start of a new world? A world without a class system and without class struggles? Socialism is the purest form of equality in democracy.
Alex Cerda Alex Cerda 3 days ago billionaire was crying cuz he is scared and sad to have to pay out more in taxes on exisiting wealth
Mihailo Mihailovic Mihailo Mihailovic 3 days ago Trevor Noah constantly talking crap about the 1%, is part of the 0.1% of wealthy himself. sigh
Elizabeth Elizabeth 3 days ago Good. It's about time Billionaires actually paid proper taxes. What the hell are they complaining about? They won't be able to afford that 26th yacht? Boo-fucking-hoo. Moronic babies.
CJ CJ 3 days ago Actually 60% of the billionaires support this wealth tax.
alimiel alimiel 3 days ago If they disproportionately benefit from the system they should see the connection and be eager to strengthen it.
TWSTF 8 TWSTF 8 4 days ago Awe, those POOR Billionaire CEO's and Wall Street Executives! WHEN will they finally catch a break?! 😂 Nobody is suggesting that we suddenly start taxing the wealthy at a higher rate than everyone else lol these candidates, like especially Elizabeth Warren, is only saying that everyone should have to pay the SAME amount, regardless of their personal assets or income. The people who make the least amount of money pay the highest tax rates in America, while the fewer than 100 total Billionaires pay ZERO, thanks to the, "business-friendly" GOP. In truth, they have actually budgeted in to their expenses annual campaign contributions and political donations, and of COURSE they expect a return on that investment! So, the Republicans who have been the biggest recipients of that money make DAMN certain that their DONORS get the best benefits. While everyone else has to face the possibility of deciding whether to sell their vehicle or their house should one of their family members gets sick or injured. But, unless she comes into the White House with a wave of Democratic congresspeople in the next election, it's highly unlikely many of her policies will end up becoming law, so these Millionaire and Billionaire Executives can hold their tears for now, it's not like they'll have to stop cheating the system anytime soon. 😂
William Chadwick William Chadwick 4 days ago Any one who values liberty--and sound economics--should be afraid of Crazy Mother-in-Law.
DeepShadedGlassesGuy DeepShadedGlassesGuy 4 days ago "DEEP BREATH" *AGGRESSIVE SNIFF* (x3) 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Novus Patriarch Novus Patriarch 4 days ago Warren? They are really trying hard to not say the word Bernie. Seems like that shows who you are really afraid of.
Go Away Go Away 4 days ago why does the US keep picking out of time grandparents to lead.
Scatherfirst Scatherfirst 5 days ago Poh baybay, he'll be crying harder when his greed-crazed head is on a spike
dogless10 dogless10 5 days ago Effin whiney deadbeat billionaires—who needs ‘em? 😡
andra popa andra popa 5 days ago I hope she wins!
Raijin Gaming Raijin Gaming 5 days ago Rich scum. Glad they're running scared.
Ryan McHugh Ryan McHugh 5 days ago They're way more scared of Bernie. #Bernie2020
Andre Alyass Andre Alyass 5 days ago This dude, he highlights Warren with a video about how the rich hate her while she has 9 multi millionaires who have donated to her campaign while Bernie Sanders refuses to take any money from billionaires and millionaires and has taken 0 from billionaires, your bias is just absurd sometimes.
Gio Gio 6 days ago Comment Summary: ~30%=people making good fun of crying billionaires, ~70%=Bernie fans angry that the Warren video they clicked on isn't about Bernie.
Michael Allen Michael Allen 6 days ago Aww... his dick fell off because a woman said words...