The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2019 & 2020 (Trailer)
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Included in this compilation are Birds of Prey, Bad Boys 2: For Life, 6 Underground, The Gentlemen, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, Top Gun Maverick, Terminator 6: Last Blood, The King's Man, Joker, Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker, Charlies Angels, Jumanji: The Next Level

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Toppy Boss Vevo Toppy Boss Vevo 4 days ago 6 Underground😎Kings Men😎Charlie's Angel😎
Rebecca Allen Rebecca Allen 4 days ago Wtf are they doing to the Terminator? Why did we do away with John Conner being the main guy, to a fucking girl? Why fo we keep doing this shit?🤬🤬🤬🤬
Robert Harper Robert Harper A week ago Bad Boys was always horrible and the new one looks like same old lame script! Someone needs to tell WIll Smith his career is over after him and his racist wife gave over 5 million dollars to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that have publicly damned the Jewish people and other Patriotic Americans! They are the actors that cried the loudest about racism while they own and operate a movie studio they will only employee black people! That is RACIST AND BIGOTED NO WHITE ASIAN OR HISPANICS COULD DO THE SAME WITHOUT BEING BOYCOTTED! BOYCOTT WILL AND JADA! RACE HATERS!!
Dominic Falcione Dominic Falcione A week ago Hardly ever comment on YouTube, but this is the most annoying ad ever made. The actor is probably a great guy, but what a douche bag character. Hard to believe people put up with this spam BS. YouTube sucks ass
TheBronxQ TheBronxQ A week ago A : can you just shut up wade? Q : nope, not when i"m awake
Jay Crew Jay Crew A week ago Recyclable ACTORS
BL0ND BEAST BL0ND BEAST 2 weeks ago Seems like crap to me...
Dani Mandu Dani Mandu 2 weeks ago Terminator my favourite and Charlie too. They all need like more heavy rock music in the trailers and movies tho. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger
Gardum Gardum 2 weeks ago When are they going to stop making BS movies of Girls beating up men ? Look at the size of Harlequin a little 90lb girl with no super powers just a mental problem and she can dodge bullets and beat up men twice to three times her size, how ridiculous do these movies get, if they are a comedy then fine as we all enjoy a laugh. As someone that has done martial arts and Boxing and has seen how weak females are in both against a man it just really annoys me more then entertains. It's like a real Computer hacker watching Swordfish, it's a great movie because of the actors not because anything is even close to reality. I still watch movies like these as there doesn't seem to be much choice these days and as long as the acting is good and the special effects then fine I will go along for the fantasy. The trouble is that females watch these fantasies and start to believe it's reality and get in a situation where a man attacks them and it's to late then. The movies with men fighting aren't much better either as far as reality goes as people can't be hit so many times and get back up unless they are maybe a bantamweight. Watch a proper boxer hit someone their skin breaks or bones do in the face, if you get hit in the nose to the point it either breaks or bleeds then you don't just wipe it and continue as though nothing happened lol. Also get a paintball gun and try to run through 1 or more people shooting on auto and not get hit, maybe the flash and Superman could but in reality people can't run past or dodge bullets as by the time you hear the click or bang you're dead :).
Pizie Paw Pizie Paw 2 weeks ago Martian Lawrence slowly turning into big mama
Peter Miles Peter Miles 3 weeks ago Holy mo, I see all of you trolls bashing these films here and no matter what your comments are, hollywood doesn't give a shit about your opinion, you know why, becourse at the very end all of you will go watch them and they gone make millions agian at the box office, lol.
phil larkin phil larkin 3 weeks ago looks shite
J Fab J Fab 3 weeks ago Kirsten, or Kristen stewart ... whatever her name is was lucky she got twilight or she would have gone NOWHERE.. she is a horrible actor. And she has average looks at best.
Samira Lupiac Samira Lupiac 3 weeks ago what is it with movie's trailers now being full movies but in vine size? leave somethng for the actual movie screening.... meh Im going back to reading books.
somerandomguy somerandomguy 3 weeks ago why is Star Wars on the list?
bolodog1964 bolodog1964 3 weeks ago they cant make movies worth a crap anymore -so they just make them loud ,with one liners.
rhomai rhomai 3 weeks ago so much man hating. anyway i wouldnt even download most of these movies for free
Kieren Moore Kieren Moore 3 weeks ago Joker was great. Otherwise, wake me up in April 2020 when James Bond gets here ...
Gilles Patrick Bonnet Gilles Patrick Bonnet 3 weeks ago Walt Disney, nickelodeon, Hanna barbera , the loney toons and pokemon present the new star wars... what have they done to this iconic movie.