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I Turned My Hair Into A Hot Wheels Track
17 Oct 2019 3.886.421 views 305.554 likes
Author: JennaMarbles

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The Dark Souls of Dark Souls The Dark Souls of Dark Souls 23 hours ago The scream @4:20 scared my cat awake
Cassandra Martin. Cassandra Martin. Yesterday Okay but jennas hair is so long and healthy looking, I’m proud of her. But I miss her messing with it too lol
Claire Claire 2 days ago When Julien flipped the mirror tell me why I fully expected to see myself there dancing tf
Mia Moments Mia Moments 2 days ago Jenna pleeeaase do this technique to make Medusa snake hair! 🐍
Kiah S P Kiah S P 2 days ago I need you and branditv to get together asapppppp
PoopsMagoops PoopsMagoops 2 days ago You where like hair spray as I was like egg whites and now I'm all fucked up
Sarah Provencher Sarah Provencher 2 days ago Sometimes i feel like kermit needs to go to counseling...
Kelsea Constable Kelsea Constable 4 days ago no one: not god or zeus or satan or jesus: not even climate change: not even the mf after life: julien: eAH BEMP BEMPBEMP BEMP BEMP
Yasmeen Duncan Yasmeen Duncan 4 days ago jenna really likes playing Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers in the background of her vids and im about it
Hannah Smith Hannah Smith 4 days ago Jenna try doing hairstyles with just hairspray like a bun or a ponytail or something and u just have to use hairspray. Like so Jenna can see this I think this woipd be hysterical
Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha 4 days ago Could you have twisted it around a pipe cleaner to make it stick up the was you want?
Desire' Jackson Desire' Jackson 5 days ago Thoughts from a bathtub, 2019 edition
carysdeacon carysdeacon 5 days ago this is proof that u can achieve ur dreams....,,,,ive never been prouder of her
Meddy Bear Meddy Bear 5 days ago Epic
Emily Emily 5 days ago Dude Perfect's newest merch is gonna say "we're perfect and we're dudes"
Meghan S Meghan S 5 days ago The nutcracker music in the background has me dead I stg Esspecially when Kermit and Bunny were messing with the hot wheels car lol
Matt Stevens Matt Stevens 6 days ago You make being a millionaire look really boring
Jessica Groberg Jessica Groberg 7 days ago You should like wrap one of those automatic hoop hot wheels tracks on the top of your head and have them do circles on the track. If that makes any sense. Hot wheels track in your hair. On your head. Only Jenna ..
Sea Dream Sea Dream 7 days ago 8:26 aaaaaaa soo cute~~
Mall_rat 3000 Mall_rat 3000 7 days ago Jenna you are making the world a better and more tolerable place with your joy.