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What happens if you photocopy water

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What happens if you photocopy water - Ceapa Cool

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Ceapa Cool Ceapa Cool A month ago For people who are curious: Nothing interesting actually happens if you photocopy water. It only prints the outline of the puddle.
Jimmy Miller Jimmy Miller 2 hours ago Video: 38 seconds Ad: 30 seconds no skip
Youraveragepotatoo Youraveragepotatoo 3 hours ago What?
Adil Saleemi Adil Saleemi 3 hours ago Buuhahahahahhahah
Sri Ram Sri Ram 5 hours ago It's real ?
WarriorBoss WarriorBoss 6 hours ago I was NOT expecting that 🤣 I thought the whole thing would malfunction
Matheus Aguiar Matheus Aguiar 7 hours ago ?
it's me tan it's me tan 7 hours ago Wtf is dis real
Pandora Pandora 7 hours ago This is fake The photocopier is a paid actor
Atif Ali Atif Ali 8 hours ago Ohh now poor people just need this to grt foof and wat
ShuvoRahman- Mcpe,Coc&Clash Royale Gameplay ShuvoRahman- Mcpe,Coc&Clash Royale Gameplay 8 hours ago I have no words
slothaxalotl slothaxalotl 8 hours ago Guy: *pours water on copy machine* Machine: OH YOU THINK I LIKE THAT! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I POURED WATER ON YOU?! IMMA SPRAY YOU DO YOU LIKE IT IM SURE YOU DONT
Kev Channel Kev Channel 9 hours ago Him: *Photocopy water* Africans: *IT’S FREE REAL ESTATE!*
ツc l o u d y v i b e s ツc l o u d y v i b e s 10 hours ago I didn't search for this.
John Vincent Permosil John Vincent Permosil 11 hours ago Can you try to photocopy a human face.
Davis _06 Davis _06 11 hours ago Lol
Naresh Kumar Naresh Kumar 12 hours ago Fake
Alana Reyes Alana Reyes 13 hours ago YES
ザハラ ザハラ 13 hours ago i didn't expect the ending 😂
loganathan vb loganathan vb 14 hours ago Printer cum shots him !!!
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