New Paint - SNL
03 Nov 2019 1.926.342 views 27.748 likes

Things escalate when a couple (Kristen Stewart, Beck Bennett) starts questioning a family member (Aidy Bryant) about the cost of her expensive Farrow and Ball paint.

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Deya Hayward Deya Hayward 5 hours ago I’d be changed names like 1000 times
fruitypeebils fruitypeebils 10 hours ago woah, kyle's nips look kinda weird
John MVD John MVD 13 hours ago ‘Colour’ isn’t pronounced different than ‘Color’
Alex Alex 16 hours ago This is chaos
Mikey Buchholz Mikey Buchholz Yesterday I haven't laughed this much at an SNL skit for a while. What incredible humour.
Nellie D. Nellie D. Yesterday OK, but like seriously, that is a really nice colour
27Arazz27 27Arazz27 Yesterday Anyone else curious how here name changed from Charlotte to Beth halfway through??🤔🤔🧐
Jay C Jay C Yesterday Why does kristen stewart look like chuckies son 🤣
Tom Bradford Tom Bradford Yesterday Terrible script.
Billy Everyteen Billy Everyteen Yesterday 02:33 BOOM IN THE SHOT!
wubbalubbadubdub wubbalubbadubdub 2 days ago Fuck me she's hot. I mean whatever else, but she's hot.
Fop tastic Fop tastic 2 days ago Is this a commercial? lol
xletragedyx xletragedyx 2 days ago Kyle looks like My Drunk Boyfriend in this sketch
Ryan Page Ryan Page 2 days ago my uncles worked at farrow and ball, im from dorset and been to lulworth cove many times,, i get farrow and ball paint for 20p a gallon,, mostly free, my whole flat is painted with it,, its lush paint,.. the wall paper they do can cost up to 2000 quid a roll, farrow and ball supply paint and wall paper for royalty and the very wealthy..
J N T J N T 2 days ago Beck: You can't afford this, Charlotte! You are an out-of-work DAY bartender." Aidy: Wrong! I am an aspiring estate manager."
Tiffany Jackson Tiffany Jackson 3 days ago I can't tell whether this sketch is more or less funny when you come from England and are intimately familiar with the Dorset coastline
Mircea Sauciuc Mircea Sauciuc 3 days ago Labour...LOL 😂 She’s an estate manager. 🤣😂😅
EJ XOF66 EJ XOF66 3 days ago Consumer Reports The expensive Farrow and Ball paint couldn’t cover well with one coat. But a much less expensive Behr paint from The Home Depot did much better.
Kailash GD Kailash GD 3 days ago Anyone else see the boom mic?
SkydivingCoroner SkydivingCoroner 3 days ago oh my God i just Googled it and Farrow & Ball is a real paint brand