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Amazing soaps you can easily make at home without any effort

There are so many kinds of soaps out there it’s hard to keep up, but did you know that you can create and customize your own soaps just by having some soap base? This way, you can then add roses, essential oils and create fun designs.

One of the most satisfying things in the world is soap carving. And you can start experimenting today with different designs. The only thing you need to do is carve your soap and as you go along, you can apply some water to it to soften the edges. You can carve a little heart in your soap with pedals and wings coming on the sides or I show you a very simple tutorial on how to carve your soap into a beautiful rose. Watch my full video to get some ideas for your own creations.

Now making your own DIY soaps is a different story. You can melt some soap base and pour it into an empty Pringles container, then you can fill it up with roses and let it dry. Then, take the whole soap block out and then cut it into smaller pieces.


0:08 – Amazing soap carving tutorial

2:00 – Adorable floral soap designs

5:28 – Genius soap ideas you need to try

7:26 – Beautiful Soap vs Ink

7:55 – DIY 3D rose tutorial

9:22 – Honeycomb inspired soap

10:23 – Adorable donut soaps

12:26 – Loofah soap tutorial

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Zack thunder Zack thunder 6 days ago I watch this video bec in my class, my teacher ask us to make a human,and plant from soap
Dhanalakshmi k Dhanalakshmi k 2 weeks ago Can I say a easy way to do this Put melted soap in a silicon mould.
Sonia Sultana Sonia Sultana 2 weeks ago OMG❣🤭🤭🤭🤭
The_Random_ Avocado The_Random_ Avocado 2 weeks ago Papa! What are you doing I’m my soap?
Vinai Kumar Vinai Kumar 2 weeks ago मिंडब्लोविंह
Mohamed Moosa Mohamed Moosa 3 weeks ago Is this 5 mins craft??
Nuri Shaba Nuri Shaba 3 weeks ago Thanks for your craft
Inder Jit Inder Jit 3 weeks ago Are you serious?🤣🤣
Inder Jit Inder Jit 3 weeks ago Why you waste your soap
Saphir Tv Saphir Tv 3 weeks ago hey people please watch my channel 🤗
Samrjit Sandhu Samrjit Sandhu 3 weeks ago It’s good nice try how long is it gonna take to make
Tammy Carlson Tammy Carlson 3 weeks ago you whast
Kunal Gupta Kunal Gupta 3 weeks ago Wastage
Sofia Durikova Sofia Durikova 3 weeks ago Thank you
Game Game or Game Game Game or Game 3 weeks ago Beautiful
Roshini Wickremasinghe Roshini Wickremasinghe 3 weeks ago Nice
Mesbahul Abed Mesbahul Abed 3 weeks ago 1:00 it's called soap art
AestheticCola AestheticCola 3 weeks ago U can also make this out for sculpting, not just soap
GihanFineArts - Abstract ART GihanFineArts - Abstract ART 3 weeks ago “Who else is s fan of 5-Minute Crafts ❤️😘 ✨ “5K subs by valentine 🌹 any help appreciate” 🔔 ✨ 😍🙏🏻
MB the rapper MB the rapper 3 weeks ago its satifying bu like step up your game yo
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