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The Little Mermaid | Kiss the Girl | Lyric Video | Disney Sing Along
09 Aug 2014 22.705.690 views 89.342 likes
Author: Disney

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Sha-la-la-la-la-la sing this song. Learn the words to The Little Mermaid's "Kiss the Girl" with this lyric video.

Who's the better singer: Sebastian or Scuttle?

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McKenzie McKenzie 13 hours ago It just tickles me how a bunch of Sea Creatures are helping our girl out with her love life 😂
Aniya Johnson Aniya Johnson 18 hours ago Love how at first Sebastian won't even let her go on land he is like: "KISS THE GURL"
Tolulope Demehin Tolulope Demehin 20 hours ago Now, I suddenly feel like watching all these again
varealness804 varealness804 22 hours ago CAn we just say this is one of the best Disney songs ever??!?
Linda Toussaint Linda Toussaint 2 days ago BEST LOVE SONG EVER.
Eric Olson Eric Olson 2 days ago Lol. Yes.
CALI 420 CALI 420 2 days ago Dates be like ☝
CALI 420 CALI 420 2 days ago When you go on date with somebody you really like 😌
BLINKS_ Daphne BLINKS_ Daphne 2 days ago Her name is...???!!
Natalie AC Natalie AC 2 days ago Okay guys, don’t get to any girl already trying to kiss her... you’ll probably get beautifully slapped 😄😂👍🏻
The Victorious Duo The Victorious Duo 2 days ago If this song was a frozen song. Sebastian is the voice and that man is Elsa.
G Kg G Kg 3 days ago 2:21 ARIEL LOOKED A LIL CREEPY
Ming W Ming W 3 days ago 2:20 Ariel was ready!!!
cBearTv cBearTv 4 days ago We ALL need Sebastian as a best buddy 👍👍
cBearTv cBearTv 4 days ago SJWs would have a field day with this song these days if it was a new release. 🤷
차미현 차미현 5 days ago 뽀뽀하새요
SomewherexBeyond_Reality SomewherexBeyond_Reality 5 days ago Before: "Huh, that's kinda pretty" After: "She looks divine and you look exquisite." Charactet development alert. Swear I love Eric, hes one of the best disney prince/husband/father. I greatly admire the fact after all those years they ate still playful and passionate with each other.#Realcouplegoals
Wen-Jing Yeung Wen-Jing Yeung 5 days ago omg eric how can you not see how the fish were squirting water like a fountain...
Benjamin Fischer Benjamin Fischer 5 days ago If Homer Simpson watched this: (Ariel and Eric about to kiss) Homer: Come on, come on...... (Both fall off the boat) Homer: D'OH!