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NFL Funniest Trolling Moments
01 May 2018 9.127.621 views 44.272 likes
Author: Highlight Heaven

Funniest trolling moments in the NFL

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Youngboisam _yt Youngboisam _yt 8 hours ago 1:10 song plz
DUCKWEED DUCKWEED 16 hours ago Anyone else just love to see the cowgirls embarrassed and destroyed
Brock Samson Brock Samson Yesterday @ 2:16 "bullshit" I love America.
Russian Cheese Russian Cheese Yesterday 3:16 He's *_DUMBY THICK_*
Shannon Engles Shannon Engles 3 days ago Guy. I want to thank all the eagles fans Me.Um your welcome?
Kirk Meyers Kirk Meyers 4 days ago "That's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard." . . . That's commentary gold :)
deadman walkin deadman walkin 5 days ago Y'all see that dude at 2:30 who couldn't clap with the rest of the crowd? Hahaha
Frozenfire Frozenfire 6 days ago Fuck you joe buck, randy moss is a king
Evelyn Kendle Evelyn Kendle 7 days ago San Francisco cracks me up😂 Big fan of them btw.
James Tangman James Tangman 7 days ago 2:42 FUUUUUUUUUCK
Derrick Gerstmann Derrick Gerstmann 7 days ago The DJ @1:02 needs a damn raise. That tornado siren was 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Lily Leornin Lily Leornin 7 days ago how the hell did one person get so many people to chant bullshit
DaMarcus Valdez DaMarcus Valdez A week ago It is a descuting
GentlemanBystander GentlemanBystander A week ago N O F U N A L L O W E D
D Madd11 D Madd11 2 weeks ago I'm a packers fan, and no, I want celebrating in the end zone, we pay these fuckers enough money I want to be entertained.
Vincent Winkleblech Vincent Winkleblech 2 weeks ago They act like fucking morons.
VERT OFFICIAL VERT OFFICIAL 2 weeks ago UZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VERT OFFICIAL VERT OFFICIAL 2 weeks ago UZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SiberianMicrophone 19 SiberianMicrophone 19 2 weeks ago 2:11 B U L L S H I T
Joe Dorben Joe Dorben 2 weeks ago Between Randy Moss and TO, I can safely say Ive seen somebody do just about every disrespectful thing I can think of ever wanting to do/see done in any given NFL stadium. Only thing is I wish one or both of them had done the Lambeau Leap in GB, Moss played there every year after all