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Comedian Preacher Lawson | All Performances | America's Got Talent 2017 | Got Talent Global
09 Nov 2018 13.836.708 views 231.469 likes
Author: Got Talent Global

Watch stand up comedian Preacher Lawson on America's Got Talent 2017 and all his performances. Out of his comedy auditions, which did you like best?? Let us know in the comments below...

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Alfrado Rheaume Alfrado Rheaume 19 hours ago There is nothing better than a comedian who can make black jokes
Shazer Rusten Shazer Rusten 2 days ago Preacher was the only one on agt season 12 that actually had talent!
Lawson Delcambre1 Lawson Delcambre1 2 days ago I was talking to my family and this was playing in my pocket without me knowing and all I heard was Lawson and I was like who keeps calling my name
cabdiraxman mohamed cabdiraxman mohamed 2 days ago I am ugly that's why your mom don't know who is your father 😅😅😅😅😅
C K C K 3 days ago Preacher Lawson YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ComedianPreacher
Tyrone From Wii Sports Tyrone From Wii Sports 3 days ago Bro, am I the only one who thinks he’s not funny
lullabby hosny lullabby hosny 6 days ago 14:09 was boring
lullabby hosny lullabby hosny 6 days ago 5:18 mel b jaws were breaking 😂😂
Amoras Queen Amoras Queen 6 days ago he is amazing & funny af, he deserves all the success & blessings coming his way 💕
nybelg nybelg 7 days ago 14:16 is he acting or having a mild seizure?
Matt Matt 7 days ago I hated seeing some of Heidi’s reactions to his jokes. She looked disappointed.
Freezing Fire Freezing Fire 7 days ago This guy got made fun of for having big lips? Most people with big lips are REALLY good kissers. I know from experience! 😉
Django 277 Django 277 A week ago Eddie Murphy and Kev hart had a baby
Ari Ari A week ago The girl on the side when he has a girlfriend 😔
Alexandria TheWolf_YT Alexandria TheWolf_YT A week ago I was peeing while laughing
MYNO MYNO A week ago the last joke made me cry
Valerie Burton Valerie Burton 2 weeks ago My god i thought he was kevin hart!!lol
Jazmine AB Cat Jazmine AB Cat 2 weeks ago That man looks like Will Smith is brother
Memes, Music And Mandela Effects Memes, Music And Mandela Effects 2 weeks ago 9:23 I’m dead omg
ävəˈkädō juIcE ävəˈkädō juIcE 2 weeks ago 14:27 *preacher has a seizure*